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Hello, long neglected Page! I told you I'd be back, though I never expected to stay away so long. It's just that... well, summer was terrific! We got back to our boat in April, and found it in really good shape, though it did require some cleanup. Thanks to our good friend, family member and fellow boater, Tom McCourt and his wife, my cousin Karen, all was dry inside, a pleasant change from the usual coats of mildew and, once, as I recall, big, ugly orange fungi on a wall of the aft cabin. Sure, it smelled stale and stuffy inside, but wide open doors, windows, and hatches when the rain permitted, and the aforementioned cleaning, took care of most of that. La Niña survived the winter and seemed happy to have us back on board.

Her delighted skipper found both elderly engines starting at first attempt, and motored out to the end of the finger, then reversed back in through another passage to take up our rightful spot in Royal Reach Marina, just off the bow of Merganser, Tom and Karen’s boat. But did we stay there? Heck no! The long reaches of Sechelt Inlet, Salmon Inlet, and Narrows Inlet and the tempting waters beyond Skookumchuck Rapids beckoned us with their often placid blue, and sometimes rowdy, white-capped waves. 

Once in a while, even an old author sees a piece of advice which, while aimed at younger writers, resonates strongly as a reminder that all of life's experiences are fodder for the mind.  A new (to me) friend on a FaceBook group "Writers Around the World" wrote the following and graciously gave permission for it to appear on this page.
“Writing is an art form and it requires the heart of an artist and an appreciation for creation. If one is having trouble with inspiration then, my best advice, and advice is cheap, is to go out and live. Put your heart out there to be loved or to be broken. Slow down and appreciate the beauty that is around you. Write what you know, experience is the most prolific muse.”

Cori de  Villieaux
Also reproduced here, with permission, is a piece of de Villieaux's poetry. The written material, as is all writing on this website, is copyright. © Please respect that. 
Delightful Mystery

Women are creatures of love and beauty, and I find them quite curious,
In a moment kind and sweet, in another mean and furious,
Breathtaking beauty with curves that promise my senses much delight,
Eyes that beckon unto me, come hither,
And a voice that says, "I've a head ache, not tonight,"

A fellow is to know when yes is to mean no, and no to mean yes,
If ever he wishes to indulge in the treasures that lie beneath her dress,
One is to be ever vigilante and always notice her new clothes or how she has
Done her hair,
Lest she feel neglected and rejected,
And suspect you no longer care.

They are like the still waters that run deep, in them there is always something new to be found,
It's discovery is our mission,
Who cares if they may be flowers of contradiction?
How we fellows long for them! How we yearn for them!
These delicate creatures of the heart,
We fellows would have them at our side as we trek through life's journey,
Never, ever, to depart.

They are a bottomless glass filled with love and compassion,
They are the bearers of our children,
And the fuel that fires our passion.

They are a delightful mystery, and they make no apologies for their ambiguity,
We fellows would travel to Earth's end for a sample of their loveliness and purity,

May they forever be our "better halves" and lifelong companions,
As they have throughout history.
And may we fellows forevermore bask in their radiant beauty,
And be doomed to never solve their delightful mystery.

Cori deVillieaux
Dining on steamed clams, huge Dungeness crabs, oysters and fresh fish, followed by swims both warm and cool, rewarded us for
Is all that a good enough excuse for having neglected you, dear Page? No? Really? How about “Hey, I spent a lot of hours at the galley table, developing sciatica, writing, and am now more than thirty percent finished THE DIRTSIDERS, sequel (partly as prequel) to REFUGE."All right, I admit I didn't spend nearly enough of my time there, because I didn't finish the first draft as I’d hoped, but then, there was the job of editing for others in addition to helping compile an anthology of sweet romances, five in total, I’ll be telling you more about very soon, dear Page.
I hope that satisfies you for the time being, and now I’m back in the land where the surf is often too intense for this aging body, where the heat pours itself over my head, soaks into my bones, and makes my hammock a most desired habitat, I promise not to stay away so long.

Thank you for your patience, Page. See
you soon!​
spending obscene numbers of dollars on fuel to feed those two, hungry beasts that propel us to our chosen destinations. I even saw several Sasquatches. I think. Though red wine does tend to blur images at long
This lingcod may look like an ugly-faced monster, but oh, my! does he taste good, fresh from the Pacific depths.