Captain Josiah A. Storn returns to Luna from a century and a half of space travel, only to be shanghaied and sent off as Admiral of a space fleet carrying, in cryostasis,  a million representatives of Earth's peoples and the DNA of every other living thing. The object? To re-create Earth on a new planet--one thousand years away.​​ This must be done. Earth is dying. Climate change has struck, not as expected from over-heating, but resulting from a close encounter with a large asteroid. Before it could be destroyed, it knocked Earth's axis off kilter. The result? A rapid descent into an ice age.

​​Joe's never imagined  himself as anyone's lifeline, but events following the fleet's landing show him he must become just that. If he and his carefully chosen companions don't act, Humanity will die out afraid to emerge, afraid to face what must be faced--that this new world is anything but Earthly. 

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Judy Griffith Gill’s newest release, reviewed by READERS' BOOK CLUB.

LIFELINE, is an awesome read! Her world building skills take you to a future sci-fi world that rivals the likes of Herbert’s Dune and Clarke’s Space Odyssey. Innovation abounds in future years attesting to the powerful imagination of the writer. I promise you will root for the characters, in particular Joe who has so many burdens to carry, to escape from their off-earth prison as they face obstacles being thrown at them from all quarters. The clever beginning alone was a delicious surprise and kept me reading well past bedtime. I look forward to the next installment and hope I can impress on the writer the need to finish that one soon!
To keep READERS' BOOK CLUB happy, 
DIRTSIDERS, Book 3 in The Chronicles of Storn now has a release date:
February 1, 2016.
REFUGE, Book One in The Chronicles of Storn, the story that started it all, is now available on WattPad as a free read.
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